For you who work in sales, marketing or purchasing

Myynnin ja markkinoinnin ammattilaiset MMA, the Union of Sales and Marketing Professionals, is an organization, which promotes the interests of professionals working in sales, marketing and purchasing. With its 25,000 members MMA is the 8th biggest affiliate of Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland.

Key Account Manager - Sales Representative - Marketing Coordinator - Customer Support Specialist or whatever your job title is MMA is made for you who work in sales, marketing or purchasing.

As an MMA member you’re insured at work, off-work and when unemployed. MMA helps and supports you regardless of whether you’re employed or unemployed.


MMA provides valuable services and benefits

Legal services by the best lawyers in the industry

  • counselling in work-related problems
  • consulting, negotiating and reconciling; advocating when needed

Individual help and support whether it concerns work conditions, terms of agreement, personnel negotiations ("yt"), wage or compensations

  • research based information about wages by status, title and industry
  • examples of agreements, contracts of employment
  • guides and instructions
  • information about current travel expenses
  • advice for different situations in working life

Support in boosting your career or finding a new job

  • a variety of training courses for improving professional skills and know-how - free of charge
  • recruiting services provided by a partner
  • open jobs website tailored for sales, marketing and purchasing professionals
  • help in composing CV and job applications

Earnings-related unemployment insurance

  • MMA unemployment fund, high standard service with a proven track record

Free insurances

  • Off-working-time traveller's insurance and accident insurance
  • Professional liability insurance and legal expenses insurance

Holiday apartments for rent

  • Over 40 holiday cottages and apartments e.g. in Lapland

Discounts and offers

  • St1 petrol stations, hotel chains


Membership and membership fee

The membership fee of MMA is tax-deductible. It is a fixed annual fee (not a percentage of your wages). The fee together with the services and rights are dependent on your membership category:

Employee members enjoy full MMA membership benefits and services.

  • Annual membership fee 396 euros (year 2019). Payable in 1- 4 instalments

Entrepreneur members enjoy MMA membership benefits and services. However, they are not members of MMA Unemployment Fund.

  • Annual membership fee 258 euros (year 2019). Payable in 1-2 instalments.

Student members are studying at the moment, and are interested in a future career in sales and marketing. They are not members of MMA Unemployment Fund. Also, they have no professional legal expenses insurance.

  • MMA student membership is free of charge.

Working Student members are working while studying. They are members of MMA Unemployment Fund and get professional liability insurance and legal expenses insurance.

  • Annual membership fee 117 euros (year 2019). Payable in 1-2 instalments.

Retired members are former MMA members who after retiring continue their MMA membership.

  • annual fee 55 euros (year 2019).


Regional Membership Associations

MMA is divided into 23 regional membership associations. As an MMA member you’re automatically a member of your own regional membership association. Entrepreneurs have their own association. Members working in medical field have their own network also.

Please, contact your own association's contact persons to get information about local activities.



The MMA council and board are the highest decision-makers. The members and chairmen for these two bodies are elected every four years.

The council convenes twice a year, and its most important tasks are decisions concerning the union's finances, plan of action and membership fees. The board runs the union according the rules and decisions laid out by the council. The board convenes several times per year together with representatives from the union's office.


MMA office hours and contact information

Mon-Fri between 8.30 - 16.15 (between July and August 8 - 15.30)
phone 020 122 4400
fax (09) 4780 7730

PB 11 (visiting address Asemamiehenkatu 2, 9th floor)

Call costs for numbers beginning 0201 from cell phones 8.28 cents per call + 17 cents per minute and from land lines 8.28 per call + 7 cents per minute.

Email addresses are

If you need assistance in finding the required information, please contact MMA office for advice.


Administration and functions

Marko Hovinmäki, Chairman of the Board

Juha Häkkinen, Executive Manager
phone 020 122 4408

Gunilla Plutén, Executive Assistant
phone 020 122 4405

Jaana Apell, finance and administration

Samuli Myllyharju, services and development
phone 020 122 4409

Igor Parri, student membership issues
phone 020 122 4432


Membership Services

Sari Kanervo, membership register and fees,
phone 020 122 4402

Melissa Mikanoja, membership register and fees,
phone 020 122 4406

Heidi Sarén, salary recommendations, membership benefits,
phone 020 122 4403

Eija Kuitunen, training arrangements, membership benefits,
phone 020 122 4401

Minna Liukkonen, holiday apartments Levirakka,
phone 020 122 4412



Sirkku Rytkönen,
phone 020 122 4429

Piia Kunnas, Myynti & Markkinointi magazine,
phone 020 122 4428

Mari Niemi, visual design,
phone 020 122 4411